Who are we?

RUSSIA UNITES / brings together the community of fans that support teams of Russia for all sports for all competitions within and outside of Russia.

The mission of the RUSSIA UNITES

«To realize the dream of a fan to be together with the Russian team and always support her.»

We created a social movement that contributes to the organization and self-organization of fans to support national teams of Russia for all sports.

RUSSIA UNITES is the fans that are:

  • know the history of the national sport and remember the great victory of the great athletes;
  • actively interested in the different spectacular sport;
  • love to attend sporting events


RUSSIA UNITES members get access to a set of unique services to meet all of their needs to support Russian athletes, comfortable boliney and collective identity.

Through the work of the supporters Club we operate on the basis that:

  • the fans need a Union to support the national team of Russia outside the country
  • they need a place where they can meet and collectively support the national team.

For example, during the Olympic cycle outside of Russia leaving 500 000 people, and the other 14 500 000 loyal fans willing to participate in collective balenie. At the same time, as away and home fans in need of self-identification is particularly acute this need is manifested in those who go abroad.

Our “nuclear” audience – active fans who are interested in personal involvement in the sporting event, and this opportunity is provided by our movement.